Payment & Transfer

  • Cashier\'s Order

    Cashier's Order

    In situations whereby the beneficiary does not accept cash or personal cheques, you will then need a Cashier's Order which is a cheque issued by our Bank, payable to the payee as indicated by the person who buys the Cashier's Order.

    *Sale of Cashier's Orders USD10.00 per cashier's order

  • Demand Draft

    Demand Draft

    Demand draft can be used to make non-urgent payments in Singapore with stated amount in SGD currency or USD to a named beneficiary. Our overseas correspondents will pay your beneficiary when the demand draft is deposited and cleared by the beneficiary's bank.

    Debit from Accounts

    0.22% commission min USD20.00 + USD20.00 cable fee

  • Fast Payment

    Fast Payment

    FAST refers to local remittance service focus on currency KHR (Khmer Riel) only. Transaction Time: 24/7 (24 hours per 7 days). The payment will be processed and credited to the beneficiary account at the same time. Maximum transfer amount per transaction KHR 40,000,000.