Remittance (a money transfer, funds transfer or payment order) is the process of transferring money, which is begun with the originator’s payment order, made for a specific purpose to the designated beneficiary, and completed upon acceptance by the beneficiary’s bank.

Wire Services

When you need to conduct financial transactions with your foreign counterpart, Cathay United Bank can handles your incoming and outgoing funds transfers quickly and efficiently through our network of foreign correspondent banks.

Inward Remittance Guide

Inward & Outward Remittances

Item Inward Remittances (Telegraphic Transfer) Outward Remittances (Telegraphic Transfer)
Overseas Transfer 0.1% commission min USD10.00 0.20% commission min USD15.00+ USD20.00 cable fee
Domestic Transfer USD5.00 0.05% commission min USD5.00

Demand Drafts

Demand draft can be used to make non-urgent payments in Singapore with stated amount in SGD currency or USD to a named beneficiary. Our overseas correspondents will pay your beneficiary when the demand draft is deposited and cleared by the beneficiary's bank.

Demand Draft
Debit from Accounts 0.22% commission min USD20.00+ USD20.00 cable fee

Cashier's Orders

In situations where the beneficiary does not accept cash or personal checks, you will then need a cashier's order, which is a check issued by our Bank, payable to the payee as indicated by the person who buys the cashier's order.

Cashier's Order
Sale of Cashier's Orders USD10.00 per cashier's order


Telegraphic Transfer USD20.00 cable fee
  • All commissions and charges are subject to change at the Bank's sole discretion.
  • Third-party and other charges that may be applicable will be charged accordingly.