International Trade

Expanding Your Reach to Global Markets

For businesses who decide to go global, Cathay United Bank is here to assist with the process of exporting to or importing from foreign markets by providing transaction advice and financial instruments like letters of credit, documentary collections and bank guarantees.

Documentary Collection

The main risk of shipping goods on a collection basis is that you have no guarantee of payment once you have shipped the goods to the buyer. Documentary collection is a cost-effective alternative to a letter of credit that provides you, the exporter, with added transaction security by allowing you to retain control of the title documents to the goods. Cathay United Bank can direct foreign banks to release title documents after payment is made by your buyer, or against your buyer's written promise to pay at a future date.

Bank Guarantee

In international trade, it is difficult for buyers to assess their supplier's ability to produce goods as ordered or to provide reimbursement for any default as per contract. Hence, a good way to protect buyers will be a bank guarantee. A bank guarantee will act as compensation for any breach of contract by permitting the buyer to collect a sum of money from the issuing bank on demand.

Import and Export Services

Need to manage your international purchases or establish lines of credit to finance your inventory? Cathay United Bank's International Trade Finance Team can offer advice on a wide range of trade finance products to assist you in your importing activities.

  • Import Service

    Letter of Credit Service
    • Sight L/C
    • Usance L/C
    • Buyer's Usance
    • Seller's Usance
    • Seller's Usance Pay at Sight
    • Standby L/C
    Import Collection Business
    • Document Against Acceptance
    • Document Against Payment
  • Export Service

    • Export Bills Negotiation
    • Export Collection
    • Letters of Credit Advise
    • Letters of Credit Transfer
    • Letter of Credit Confirmation
    • Issue local letter of credit
    • Assignment of Proceeds
    • Export Forward Letter of Credit Forfaiting Services

While you cannot eliminate the risk of not receiving goods that you have ordered and paid for, a letter of credit enables you to reduce the risk of unfulfilled orders by providing your supplier with an undertaking of payment, and often specify shipping and payment dates to coincide with your inventory requirements and cash flow demands. So put your trust in our services and expertise in streamlining the entire process and making your business more productive and profitable!

Our export services can help exporters minimize their risk of non-payment for goods which have been shipped to a foreign buyer. We can assist you in your exporting activities and tailor the right products, such as letters of credit and documentary collections, to suit your specific needs.