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Debit Cards

Make Purchases More Convenient & Secure

CUBC Visa Debit Card lets you make on-line/POS purchases and withdraw cash from ATMs by deducting money from your bank account directly, while enjoying card benefits with CUBC or Visa preferred partners.

  • Manage Your $
    • Free to link with CUBC i/mBanking
    • Check updated balance and transaction via i/mBanking
    • Never overspend and no interest/penalty charges
  • Convenient to Your $
    • No need to carry cash to make purchases
    • Safely purchase via contactless POS terminals
    • Withdraw cash from ATMs with the Visa/EasyCash Logo
  • Save Your $
    • Set daily purchase/withdraw amount limits and # as you wish
    • OTP SMS for 3D-Secure online purchases
    • Free transaction notification from i/mBanking

Learn More about Visa Offers

Classic Card


  • Daily purchasing limit $5,000 (max 10 transactions)
  • Daily cash withdrawal $5,000 (max 10 transactions)
Platinum Card


  • Daily purchasing limit $10,000 (max 15 transactions)
  • Daily cash withdrawal $10,000 (max 15 transactions)

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