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Payment & Transfer
Payment and Transfer
Easy Cash

Please note that EasyCash – our shared ATM network gives you access to ATMs from Cathay United Bank, Canadia Bank, UCB Bank, Campu Bank, FTB Bank, CAB Bank, BIDC and ABA Bank that bears the EasyCash logo.

The following transactions can be performed:

  • Account Balance Inquiries
  • Cash Withdrawals
  • There will be no charge for Cathay United Bank account holders who use their Cathay United Bank Visa Debit Card to make transactions on any of the Cathay United Bank ATMs. However, if they make transactions on EasyCash participating banks ATMs other than Cathay United Bank ATMs, then charges will be impose on the transactions as summarize below.
  • Currently, there are over 100 ATMs available within the EasyCash network and the EasyCash participating banks will continue to deploy more ATMs for your convenience in the coming months
  • USD0.50 will be charged to Cathay United Bank Visa Debit Card to make transaction on any of the other EASY Cash ATM networks.

   Easy Cash Press Release

Cashier's Order

In situations whereby the beneficiary does not accept cash or personal cheques, you will then need a Cashier's Order which is a cheque issued by our Bank, payable to the payee as indicated by the person who buys the Cashier's Order.

Sale of Cashier's Orders
USD10.00 per cashier's order

  Cashier's Order Application Form

Format and require Acrobat Reader to be viewed. If you don't have Acrobat Reader,   download it now.

Demand Draft

Demand draft can be used to make non-urgent payments in Singapore with stated amount in SGD currency or USD to a named beneficiary. Our overseas correspondents will pay your beneficiary when the demand draft is deposited and cleared by the beneficiary's bank.

Debit from Accounts or Payment by Cash
0.22% commission; min USD20.00
+ cable USD20.00

  Demand Draft Application Form

Format and require Acrobat Reader to be viewed. If you don't have Acrobat Reader,   download it now.

Fast Payment

FAST refers to local remittance service focus on currency KHR (Khmer Riel) only. Transaction Time: 24/7 (24 hours per 7 days). The payment will be processed and credited to the beneficiary account at the same time. Maximum transfer amount per transaction KHR 40,000,000.

Standard Fee charges
ClassTransaction Amount (KHR)Fee (KHR)
10 - 4,000,000 KHR4,000 KHR
24,000,0001 - 20,000,000 KHR8,000 KHR
320,000,001 - 40,000,000 KHR12,000 KHR

Know more, please visit CUBC’s Branches or contact our customer service by Tel: 023 211 211.

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