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Commercial Loan
Commercial Loan

CUBC supports the borrowers, specially the entrepreneurs for their future business opportunities. The loan facility and hospitality will be proceeded quickly, easily, and definite.

Investment Loan

The investment loan offers to the borrowers who need fund to expand their business. You can purchase the business premise, store, factory, or acquire a business to complement and enhance your current business to be more comprehensive.

Working Capital Loan

We offer the fund to sustain your business activity while your physical cash is not enough for capital turnover in the business. Working Capital loan is suitable to your business when the retained earnings for inventory, account receivable turnover, or cash conversion cycle have been obstructed.

Refinancing Loan

The refinancing loan is applicable for all of the loan applicants, who are seeking the different terms and conditions, which might be the lower interest rate, favorable loan limit and tenor and so on for your additional fund to personal need or business expansion.

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