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Business Credit Card
Business Credit Card
Enhance your business efficiency
Cathay United Bank offers both Classic and Gold Business Visa Credit Cards, designed to meet the most basic to the most sophisticated needs of businesses, NGOs and government entities. At Cathay United Bank, we understand that Travel and Entertainment expenses are cumbersome. Our Business Card Program can help. Cathay United Bank Business Card can be issued to designated
Company Prominence
With your company name displayed prominently on the face of the Cathay United Bank Business Card, your company is promoted each time you use your card.
Better Control over Your Spending
With the Cathay United Bank Business Card, you can have better control over your staff spending by simply setting the preferred card limit for individual employees.
Financial Flexibility
Enjoy hassle free way of payment with Cathay United Bank Business Card to eliminate the possibility of mixing up your business and personal expenses and also eliminate the risk of carrying cash especially when on overseas business trips. The card can be used for making internet transactions.
International Recognition
Cathay United Bank Visa Business Card is accepted at more than 24 millions of establishments worldwide.

Cash Advance
You can have convenient cash access at over 650,000 Visa and PLUS ATMs around the world.
Corporate Billing
Cathay United Bank makes managing your business expenses easier by providing you with individual cardholder billing monthly which lists cardholder transaction details including date, place of purchase, amount spent by cardholder as well as the exchange rate for overseas transactions.
Extended Payment Period
Enjoy up to 45 days of interest-free credit on your card purchases when you pay your statement balance in full and on time each month. Plus you have the option of paying 20% of your statement balance or USD50 whichever is higher.
Auto Payment
You have the option of having payments made on your Business Card transactions debited automatically from your designated corporate current account.
Customer Service
When you have questions on your Business Card, simply pick up the phone and call our Relationship Officer at the number (023 - 88 55 00) printed on the back of your card. To sign up for our Business Card program, please contact our Business Card Specialist @ 023 – 88 55 00.
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